Plug Ins Failing to Load

Hi - new to GP - I’m trying to download some free plug-in instruments. For the third time in a row I’ve downloaded one, put it in my plugs folder, rescanned and get a “Deactivated after failing to Initialize Correctly” message, which if double-clicked says “Gig Performer cannot load an unvalidated plug-in. Please check with the manufacturer for an update version”

If this is a 32/64 bit problem, how can I know if a plug-in is 32 or 64 bit before getting it? It did not say on the site (Puginbotique). thanks.

Which plugin are you downloading?

Hi - the latest I tried was a Minimoog plug - MinimogueVA.dll . I had same problem with a harmonica plugin, but already threw that one away and don’t remember what it was.

I saw that on another site, and it’s a 32 bit plugin. It won’t work unless you bridge it into a 64 bit format.
You can use jBridge to do so.

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You should really try to find 64-bit versions of your plugins.

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Well yeah - they just don’t always say what they are when you are looking for them. :frowning:

A plugin never spoke to me :wink: