Playhead state and plugin arps synced to tempo

Please could anyone explain:

I have some plugins like Omnisphere with nice arpeggiator functions which can be synced to the tempo given by GP. For Omnisphere this works regardless of the playhead state, i.e. play active or not. “This works” means arps are playing as soon as I hit a note.

However, I recently discovered a certain plugin where the arps will only play if the GP playhead is active.

How does this work internaly? How is the play state transfered to the plugin?

Which certain plugin I’m talking about?
Steinberg Hypersonic 2 (HS2) bridged to 64bit with BridgeWize.
Yeah, I know, get rid of 32bit plugins blablabla … I have my reasons.

Interestingly, HS2 bridged with jBridge would play the arps regardless of the playhead state, too. HS2 bridged with BridgeWize plays the arps only with playhead active.

Currently I’m trying to switch form jBridge to BridgeWize for my ancient HS2, because recently jBridge has started to give me strange “This semaphore is already in use (odd number)” errors crashing GP, after working for a year flawlessly. Starting two weeks ago, happend two times but luckily in time before the show, so I could reload.

HS2 in BridgeWize without the arps would be a show stopper for me.

My plan for now: A short gig script setting EnablePlayhead(true) on SystemEvent matching GigLoaded.

Is there any penalty or danger by activation the playhead all the time?
I don’t use audio or MIDI playback, otherwise.
I see no difference in CPU, either.


I did a beat indicator some time ago where I also needed to script the Playhead and metronome enable to sync and ran into some trouble.
Sometimes the indicators have not been working for some seconds.

This was in conjunction to longer arps/mini sequences I did with BlueARP

So there could be some side effects.

I need to check my notes how I worked around…

That’s something I also would like to understand as I started working with BlueARP… :nerd_face: