Pitchbend modification independant range pitch up and down

Hi everyone. I’m loving Gigperformer and learning and growing with it everyday. That said, I’m wondering if there is a script that would give 2 different pitch bend ranges. On the motif xs there is a range adjustment for pitch bend up range and also a separate adjustment for pitch bend down. I like pitch wheel up 3 steps up but prefer pitch wheel down an minus 1 octave. Is this possible? Only a few Individual software vsts have that option so I was hoping to implement script before vst module (to accomplish this) and set vs to plus minus an octave.

I never tried it, but I don’t think you need a GPScript with that. A widget curve should be enough. Have you seen that in the value tab if the widget properties?

Perhaps you can use somethinh like this with a widget:

Something like this?


If that’s something you’d prefer to have as a general setting, it maybe would be better to do this on a gig level, which means using a gig script… not entirely sure if this would actually work, but i guess it should.
But “bending the pitch” is always plugin-dependent, means : a plugin/patch needs to support the desired pitchbend-range! (the majority of them will most probably do - just to mention).

This could be maybe an option to implement in the rig-manager… scaling of values for controller aliases. Might come handy in some cases (like this).

Exactly what I had in mind :wink: :+1:

Thanks for the quick replies. I’m going to work on this with suggested approach. I’ll try calibrating between vst and pitchbend scaling modification per rackspace. As always, a big thank you to everyone for the input. Love this community. :+1:

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