Pin Plugins windows

it would make my life MUCH easier if GP had the option to pin plugin windows. Every rack requires you to re-open whatever instrument or effect I’m working on. :frowning: Most DAWS have this feature now. the plugins remain open, even when closing and reopening the application/rack.

I’m spending 50% of my time in GP reopening plugin windows in the wiring view when switching racks.

I am lost, what do you want to achieve?

When I for example close Logic then the open plugins are closed too, and that is normal behavior.
Or do I miss something?

Do you know this option?

“Auto open/close plugin editors”

With this option all open plugins are reopened when you navigate back to the rackspace.


Really, why is that needed?
Are you tweaking plugins?

You know the concept of Widgets?

Create panels for the plugins you want to control, and assign widgets to the controls you want to adjust.
That way you wont have to open the plugin windows to change the parameters.
You can save the panels for future use in other rackspaces.

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Check the documentation. There is an option to automatically close and reopen plugin windows as you switch rackspaces. That would allow you to spend 0% of your time closing and reopening plugin editor windows.

Though I agree with others who suggest that you probably should be using widgets for the common parameters you want to tweak.


Also, use button widgets to open/close plugins in the rack/song view…