Pianoteq V6/V7

Today I faced an issue with high CPU usage and Pianteq.
In my rackspace I am using the MIDI Filter to block NOTE ON messages.
This is working fine, but I noticed that Pianoteq was using CPU and no sound could be heard.
Then I investigated and found that NOTE OFF messages sent to Pianoteq consume CPU.
This is because NOTE OFF messages are processed in this plugin - what is good for a real simulation of a Piano.

The solution was - in this use case it is possible - to filter out not only NOTE ON messaged but also NOTE OFF messages.
I know there is a danger of hanging notes …

Autchhh… the price of realism; but its like this from many versions back (note off = keys lift “noises”)
Im yet to update, too much on my “plate” right now (maybe later tonight) .

I just contacted Modart, if they can ignore processing of Note Off messages when no corresponding Note On message was received.

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Here I made a recording with Pianoteq V7


‘Sits’ nicely in the overall mix :slight_smile:
Sounding great!

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Do you mean that you tick the 2 boxes note on and note off ?
Or do you tick NOTES ?

I use NOTES to filter incoming notes and I do not have more CPU usage and no hanging notes (I guess this option is proposed to filter note on and note off at the same time).

Help me what is NOTES?

When I filter Note On in the MIDI Filter plugin the cpu usage is high

But when I filter Note On in the MIDI In plugin, the Note Off message come not through - which is desired
because a Note Off Message for a non existing Note On is not necessary

@pianopaul The ‘Notes’ parameter is toward the top of the MIDI Filter list.


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