Pianoteq Instrument Packs


I am probably going to switch to Pianoteq in the near future for my modeled piano (I’m currently using Arturia’s Piano V2).

I think I’ll go with the Standard version as I would like the increased tweaking I can do with it. The Standard comes with three instrument packs, and I’ve been trying to decide which instrument packs I want. I’ve been going through the different presets, but ear fatigue sets in pretty quickly.

I’m fairly sure that my first pack will be the Steinway B. I’m thinking of getting another piano pack with a more authoritative bass. I’m not sure if I’d use a third grand unless it offered something very different.

So I am asking what other people picked as their included packages. If anyone would care to respond I’d like to know:

a) what they picked, and
b) what the rationale was for the choices they made.


Ezra Herman

I have Standard, which I got with Steinway D and K2. There were not nearly as many options at the time, and as I recall I didn’t have much of a choice. There were a number available to add later, but my recollection is that I could choose the D + K2 or the two electrics with the Standard license.

I later added Electric Pianos for what I consider an excellent Rhodes.

I’ve been considering adding another grand for some time, but can’t really decide. They all sound good, and they’re all pretty tweakable.

Not very helpful, I know, but figured I’d share.

Definitely suggest the same. Their Electric Piano is amazing.

I didn’t really look at the Electric Pianos as I’m pretty happy with my Lounge Lizard. I looked at the Hohner clavinet but thought it sounded pretty thin. However, I didn’t dig into it that far.

I use that clav all the time in a steely Dan tribute band but I have it going through a virtual MXR phaser , courtesy of TH-U

I’ll play around with it a bit more. Right now my goto clav is from Arturia.

It is, if you use it by itself — but then, so is a real one! Once you add effects (and of course the Arturia comes with lots of pedals) it’s damn good.

By the way, I assume you the recent newsletter where GP 3 licensed customers can get a 10% discount on Pianoteq (and Pianoteq licensed users can get a 10% discount on Gig Performer)

Go here for more info.

I missed that! Thanks for reminding me. How do I get the discount? -Ezra

Ignore the question. I just saw the link in your post. Thanks.