Pianoteq GP discount question

The filled out the the form requesting the 10% discount on Pianoteq the other day and haven’t received a reply or confirmation. I don’t want to miss their current deal. Does anyone know whom I need to reach out to?

I will look into this

When I used the discount form, my contact at Modartt sales was Niclas Fogwall at sales@modartt.com. They’re here in France, so consider any time difference from your location. I bought v7 recently with the 10% discount. I’m not sure if they will offer that 10% discount on top of the current sales promotion of 25% for v8. If I’d known, I’d have waited and just bought v8. Oh well, it’s just money.

Oh, I didn’t realize. I’m sure there will not be any extra discount

I got a reply back from Modartt and they confirmed that they won’t add an extra discount.

I agree with that policy. I’m not sure why people expect to be able to pile on multiple discounts😀

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The page has been updated to make this policy clear.

I didn’t expect that they would. I’d have spent less money if I’d waited for v8 to drop, but the upgrade was free for anyone buying v7 within the previous 12 months, which I think is a really generous amount of time. Many vendors are 3 months or even less.

I know that if one doesn’t ask, then one never gets:)