Pianoteq and audinate dante

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basic: is anybody using dante network here?
if so: i experience very high freq random clicks from pianoteq (either standalone or within GP (win 10 yoga i7 quad 8 gigs ram laptop audio optimized)) anything else works (arturia e.t.c.) it sounds like a audio synch problem (similar to bad synched adat) but only pianoteq has it…
any cosufferers around?

i would not post if i had not tried:
in pianoteq multiprocessor on / off
pianoteq alone i one rackspace
as mentioned before pianoteq standalone


Do you use a Dante audio interface? Which model and which driver? Do you have possibilities to check the audio before it goes through the network?

I have no clue why you should have more audio glitch with Pianoteq which is quite CPU friendly (I don’t own it but I tried it). Perhaps the fact that you notice an audio issue is more related to the nature of the piano sound.

yep allen and heath Dlive with dante, latest driver, just checked with my workstation (win 8.1)
and pianoteq 6 and 7 - standalone and inside GP same issue - as well the other vsti`s do not have this issue so it must be a pianoteq “thing”

nope same clicks on piano epiano clavinet…

around 8khz clicks like adat out of synch used to - and no issues at all with my babyface…
would not bother me to much in the studio as the clicks are not really loud,but on stage -small clicks become big clicks as my german sound engineering teacher c.a.1979 used to say : "deev kömmt kleine scheisse ins microphoon kommt riesenscheisse aus den lautschprechern " (make shure you read this with a sächsischer akzent) :wink:

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It’s just an idea, but maybe you could try to set a diffrent sample rate?
Maybe this very special combination of all components produces some strange kind of artifacts or interference noises?

allen and heath, allows 48 or / 96 khz, if i change the samplerate within the plugin Dante automatically switches off the appropiate channels (sample rate missmatch!)

Can’t you set another “general sample rate” within the GP-menu (or Windows settings), not only in the plugin?
And have you used the same settings for buffer size and sample rate when you tried your Babyface?

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found it !!! remeber becks first hit “i am a looser baby why dont you kill me”?
dante controller is a bit confusing, one has to check instead of just one option
“prefered master” but as well “enable sync to external” -
prefered master is dante (the card in my console) and this card has to be synced “externally” wich in this case is the allen and heath console where the dante card is plugged in…
i am a looser baby…
so i found out because you mentioned sample rate settings…not right the issue itself BUT it did send my poor distracted brainleftovers into the right direction. this forum is very cool indeed - because it is a forum and not a “bitching panel”



Great! Now why should it be more prominent with Pianoteq? :thinking:

Did you want to make sure that with a sächsischer Akzent, we would subliminally focus on a particular brand of microphone? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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his name was harald blobel (made a lot with kempfert /rehbein) and

in his own words to me (he spoke a mixture between sächsisch AND schweizerdütsch)
“deef wenn de mische tuuesch dengg dra: etwas bäss für de wyyber und etwas exiter für de psüüche”
(exiter not exeiter)
and that

pianosounds are much more transparent and my ears are not getting younger (still hear 8khz though)

Deepl could’nt help me, so I took a deep breath instead, closed my eye, tried to hear the sächsischer-schweizerdütsches Musik and put my hands on the PC keyboard which led to:
when you are doing a mix, think of that: a little bit of bass for the good vibrations and some exiter for the punch”…I hope I’m not completely off the subject :grimacing:

Thanks I am learning a lot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Genial :wink:

means not “good vibrations” :-), was ganz anderes…

ok here my humble translation with my limited english:
“dave remember when you are mixing,some bass for the girls and some exiter for the psyche (mind,brain e.t.c)”

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