Phils Super Section

My apologies up front guys. :slightly_smiling_face: I haven’t been using GP for quite a while now, but I am going to get back into it because it is like a narcotic. IE: GP is the best music software product of its kind and obviously by this time you know that you can do almost anything you want with little effort. So, here is a reflection of something simple that I did a while back and I hope you enjoy it.

I should have posted this video back in 2022 when I was playing around with this technique, but I got distracted as usual. :cold_face: So, let me post this video now illustrating a cool technique using GP variations, Host automation, Global Rackspace, and Chris Hein Compact Horns in Native Instruments Kontakt. I am not trying to sell you on using a specific plugin or plugins here … I just want to show off this GP technique. You can use any plugins you want that employ Host Automation.

Since I am getting back into GP, I will be doing a video shortly (note* ‘shortly’ is a relative term! :sweat_smile:) on how to use my “Matrix Divisi II Scriptlet”. You would be able to front end “Phil’s Super Section Rackspace” with the “Matrix Divisi II Scriptlet” and achieve a Brass/Sax/Woodwind Super Section with extended-DIVISI and then place the whole thing in the Global Rackspace. I will be posting Gig Files containing the Rackspaces as soon as I get them absolutely stable, so stay tuned in. :slight_smile:

Here is the YouTube link to the Super Section video:


Thanks for sharing. If you have a YouTube account you can upload the video there :slight_smile:

Were you not able to view the video from my DropBox?

Yes, I did. But just a suggestion :slight_smile:

Thank you. I will create an account on YouTube and place a copy of the video there as well today for convenience of the Community Users. I hope the video provides some insight to users. :slight_smile:


great stuff here. thx.