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I’ve just found an awesome YouTube video describing Gig Performer setup for a progressive metal band Ihlo! :slight_smile:

Ihlo are a progressive metal band based in the UK. In 2019 they released their debut album Union. The album received rave reviews through the underground progressive communities on a global scale, featured in PROG magazine and has since seen the band step up from a small bedroom collaboration between vocalist Andy Robison and guitarist Phil Monro to a full live band.

Though the foundation for their music relies on the heavy sound associated with metal music, the influences from electronic and pop music cannot be ignored. Each track is stacked with huge melodies and hooks that draw you deeper into the lush wall-of-sound production that has been meticulously crafted throughout the 3 years of the album’s creation. Ihlo are unafraid to pull you into their deceptively groovy sound.

In this video Ihlo guitarist and producer Phil Monro details the journey of moving away from standalone BIAS Amp/FX and into using Gig Performer as his virtual amp and pedalboard to create a powerful and in-depth bank of patch changes and tones for a live setting.

This video is not affiliated with Gig Performer, we just liked the software and wanted to document and share our work with it!

NB: Indeed, Gig Performer (Deskew Technologies) doesn’t have any affiliate programs, so every video you find on YouTube (like I did just now! :slight_smile: ) is completely an honest review.

This video is a must watch as it describes what modern metal guitarists need, what are shortcomings of standalone versions of plugins, and how Gig Performer’s features can help to stand out on any live performance.

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Great find. This video is very interesting.

This guy understands it all :grinning:

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Good to have one more video from a user who is not just showcasing fancy plugin screens and is not using GP as a dumb plugin chainer, but embraces the benefits of using widgets and variations. That’s the spirit! :+1:


From here, it is trivial to have delay through reverb with trails (tails). (Use widgets to mute the wet channel of each mixer) Any combination of delay and/or reverb active/inactive is possible and trails will persist across variations.

and the tail length parameters of Rackspace Properties let you carry the tails across Rackspace changes

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 14.35.30

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