PDF viewer (lead sheets) & GP

Recently got to try GP live. Only issue I had was NOT my GP setup but the crappy “preview” PDF reader that comes with MacOS. Tried a few others from the App Store - found nothing usable.

Acrobar Reader ALMOST does it. I have to manually hide away the “Tool Bar” which is only a minor nuisance because I only have to do this once as soon as I open Acroreader. And switching pages is as simple as using the cursor keys. But to make things better I’d love to “map” said cursor keys to MIDI/Script commands, to make it PERFECT it’d be fine to be able to send commands that make Acroreader display a specific page of the PDF doc for every GP rack I use.

So what I’d need:

  • simple viewer window that displays my lead sheet PDF without any additional controls, side or top menu bars that only take away screen space
  • possibility to send commands for next/previous page (or even a definite page) via GP script/MIDI PC or something

What would you recommend?

Did you try the inbuilt lyrics window?

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Ya mean the thing with the ChordPro files? Well, I have chords and some score bits in PDF or docx format - won’t work here, I guess. Or is there another inbuilt feature for displaying things like PDFs?

Try this syntax in the chordpro file
{image: “/Users/thaddausweindl/Documents/Partituren/Comfortably Numb 1.pdf”}
{image: “/Users/thaddausweindl/Documents/Partituren/Comfortably Numb 2.pdf”}

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We announced the next update of GP4, it will be out on the 7th. It includes a tool to import PDFs into GP

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Looking forward to that feature!