PC on MIDI Out plug-in not working manually


Windows 10

I’m trying to send PC messages to hardware synths from the MIDI Out plugin. The MIDI Channel is set to match the target. I would expect to see the synth respond to changes in the PC value as I inc/dec in the window, but it does not.
I’ve tried it with and without bank values. I can use a widget as a workaround, so the PC/Bank messages are getting to the synth when sent.

The primary target is a Supernova II connected through a Yamaha USB-MIDI, a setup that has worked reliably for a decade or more. I’ve tried sending MIDI Out PCs to the other hardware synths and none respond. What am I missing?


Right now, the PC does not get sent out when you inc/dec. it’s just setting the value that WILL be sent out when you switch into that rackspace. I agree it would be useful for it to behave the way you expect.