PC messages not coming in global rackspace

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I am sending MIDI messages from a Rackspace to the Global Rackspace, using LoopMidi for that purpose. All “regular” midi activities work fine: notes, CC etc. I have enabled: Send PC message on rackspace activation in the loopMidi outport. In loopMidi monitor I can see that a PC message is coming from GP and forwarded, but it never arrives in the corresponding loopMidi inport in Global Rackspace. Is this an issue with Global Rackspace not accepting PC? Do I have to set specific option in Preferences?

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Can you upload a small gig showing the Issue?

Hi @godIsInTheRadio, you can also read this nice blog article to make sure you didn’t forgot anything regarding PC:


Hello pianopaul,

It seems to be an issue with that specific gig. I have one very small example that works. I have extended variations of it - also working. I have even created a gig with the exported Global Rackspace of the one Gig not working and the rackspace of that that is sending out the PC. Also working. Only the large one - not working. Unfortunately I am not allowed to upload due to being “new user”…

please try again

One thing to note: if I change the PC messages MIDI ports in MIDI settings, GP tends to hang and not recover. That makes the fixing and identifying somewhat difficult. Attaching does still not work…
Attached a small gig that seems to work, an extended that still does, a reduced set of the original that does, and the original that does not…

Is there something wrong with that projects setup. Whenever I change any of the PC values in Rackpace “E-Piano Groove” in node “G-Epiano L”, it switches rackspace. But the rackspace do not have any PC assignments…
simple_passPCtoGlobal_working.gig (23.8 KB)
extended_passPCtoGlobal_working.gig (930.0 KB)
Kellerband2020_reduced_Working.gig (6.3 MB)

And the large one here: large one on OneDrive

OK. Now some things make me feel curious: when I have more than one rackspace the PC message obviously gets caught by some global mechanism. Only those PC messages get pushed to global that do not have a corresponding Rackspace Number. How do I get rid of that behaviour?

That is a good hint:
You are sending PC messages from the song change to a virutal MIDI out and this messages are used by rackspaces?
What is the goal of sending PC messages to the Global Rackspace?

If you do that and you have a MIDI In (OMNI) you will absolutely get a hang

The messages are at least not intentionally used by rackspaces. I have not added them, I even went to “Reset Program Change Assignments” → “Clear all Program Change Assignments”. Still the rackspaces have numbers in front and obviously issuing a PC from a PC enabled virtual midi port switches Rackspace, if that rackspace number is equalling the PC number.

The intention is to have a central instance of Kontakt with some Instrument Banks. For example I have a variety of relatively similar E-Pianos that are used in different songs. It is pretty handy to have them in one Kontakt, once instrument bank and just switch by issuing a PC…

The virtual midi outs should receive MIDI on one specific channel from a specific midi device. Then there is the complementary virtual midi in that has only that channel enabled - but thanks, I go hunting for any In (OMNI) as an additional task…

Ok, but that would be much easier using widgets.
As I have Kontakt too I can create a small gig showing how to achieve that.

Meh - attach a widget to the PC parameter of a MIDI In block that’s connected to your Kontakt plugin and then use variations to change the widget value so as to make it send a PC message to Kontakt.

The variations of course will respond to incoming PC messages


Here you go
Global_Kontakt.gig (282.5 KB)

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OK Thanks a ton. After fiddling around and finally finding the OSC Global Parameter Assignment it does the trick. Widget values are a little bit weird, I’d love a widget that could be directly set to 1,2,…,127 - but that is what I can live with.

Nice day!

Setting a widget value to for example 126 is super easy, just enter 126m


:joy: OMG - too easy

this is documented in the … documentation
or here

How to enter a MIDI value into a widget value field