Paul Eisermann and The Muffin Tops

The Muffin Tops is a Funk-Rock band from Frankfurt, Germany. The band’s keyboardist, Paul Eisermann, is using Gig Performer to send a click to the rack mixer that the band is hearing on their in-ear monitoring run VST instruments (Arturia Mini, Stage, and B3 from V Collection).

VSTs are routed to different outputs of his Behringer 1820 interface for separated live tracking.

Their latest video:

More information:

Ja Wahnsinn, diese Muffins. Von der Gosse direkt ins Rampenlicht und trotzdem auf dem Boden geblieben. Wir wissen, wo wir herkommen: Offenbach, Frankfurt, Bad Nauheim. Wir wissen, was wir wollen: dass du glücklich bist und das Tanzbein schwingst.


In this Facebook post Paul published a short video from his gig.

My band The Muffin Tops on stage yesterday. I’m on keyboards, the laptop behind me runs Gig Performer and DMXControl 3. I sync Gig Performer to DMXControl by a self-defined MIDI interface. It was my first time live on stage with that setup (and with Gig Performer in general) and all in all I’m pretty satisfied.