Pass unused PC messages

I just want to send a Program Change from my MC6Pro Controller to my RJM Master PCB10. Both devices are only connected via USB to my Mac. They are not connected with any kind of MIDI DIN Connections. So I am trying to use GP as a MIDI Router. The PCB recieves on MIDI Channel 10. The MC6Pro sends on Channel 10. But it doesn’t work. The PCB is not reacting. Here you see the screenshots of my settings. Any ideas?

What does your Global MIDI options look like? There are important settings that affect received PC messages.

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You nailed it. I must activate pass unused PC Messages.


So now I only have the little Problem that I have two buttons to scroll thru the Presets of my Mastermind PCB10. Scrolling up works so far. Scrolling down I only reach Preset 2 as the lowest. So I don’t reach Preset 1. And I don’t know why. It has not to be GPs fault. I checked the settings of the PCB10 and of the MC6Pro and couldn’t find until now the mistake. The MC6Pro gives you the chance to change counter settings. I tried that, but also without luck.

It might be that GP is using that PC to switch to rackspace 1. You don’t see this occur because your test file only has 1 rackspace.

I see you have a “Lower Limit” of 1. Try making that 0.

I am not in my studio now, but thank you very much for your advice. I guess this will be the solution!

I tried lower limit = 0, but it still doesn’t work. Apart from that it is a nice setup because with GP as a MIDI Router (see Screenshot) I can control with the MC6Pro my PCB10 and PCG6 using MIDI Channels 10 and 6. The only little problem is that I don’t reach the first preset.

As an isolated single Program Change the following is needed to get to the first preset, but I can not get it working in the cortex of the scrolling through mechanism.

I have changed in the counter settings counter min = 1
Now he seems to send a Program Change 0 how it should be but the PCB10 is still jumping to preset 128 instead of preset 1. Very strange.