Parrallel Routing With Effects

Hi , does anybody have some templates about parrallel routing for effects ?
With 1 or 2 amps ?

Thx ! :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is a universal template that would work for all situations. Some plugins have internal effects, others connect effects plugins after the amp/cab simulation. What are you using?

Essentially you just want to split your amp and cab tone dry and run one to the effects and the other dry to a mixer and blend accordingly.

Hi @Rik, welcome to the GP community forum :wink:

Everything I could propose to you is here:

Hi , thx for your feedback . I have a lot of plugins and amp sims . I just want to use the amp sims and cab sims dry and use some other effects like delays , reverbs ect in parrallel , to blend them together . :slight_smile:

Thanks David ! :slight_smile: