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Good morning from New Jersey!!!

I seem to always - mistakenly - turn a knob when I scroll down my panel. Does anyone know of a type of LOCK feature that would stop this?

Am I allowed to ask 2 questions? If so… is there a way to control the Rackspace BPM via TAP TEMPO?


Options > Global Midi. There is an option to MIDI learn tap tempo.

Option 2: If you add the ‘System Actions’ block to your rackspace, it includes a parameter for Tap Tempo, which you could then link to a widget (and MIDI learn).

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Thank you, Rank!

Very helpful!

This is working over here… would you happen to know… how do I link my DELAY plug-in to the project tempo or TAP?


You turn on the plugin’s SYNC option

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YES!!! I did that prior to asking you (without listening to audio). The plugin didn’t/ doesn’t show the tempo change but it is reacting - which is totally fine.



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when starting GP, there are some fine examples, try the one related with System actions:


@PaulCrook just came across the GP vid. Probably not necessary anymore, but it has great examples. BPM -tap starts around 2.26.

Regarding the System Actions plugin and your demand to tap the BPM rackspace wise, you could use a button or pad widget to tap the speed and at the same time use a knob widget to “store” the BPM.
This way you can save a rackspace related speed by using this knob widget (also as a variation) and if changes have to be made, you might just tap a new speed for it.
In short: In your rackspace, learn a button to System Action’s TapTempo parameter and then learn a knob to the System Action’s GlobalBPM parameter and you should be ready to go.

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You must be using mouse wheel or two finger gesture to scroll - you can also move your mouse over to either side of the panel area and place it over the “rails” that hold the panel.

You can now click and drag up/down without accidentally “catching” a widget.