Panel scroll to view

I have slightly too many panels in my rack space as well as the global rack space panel open, which means that some controls are hidden if I can’t reach the mouse wheel…

Is there a way to scroll a panel into view when I’m controlling it remotely? Even the mouse scroll wheel message over OSC would be great.

Interesting, but the OS must create such a message.


I have a solution but it requires another piece of software, Bome MIDI Translator Pro (MT Pro)
The solution would use a controller on an external MIDI device (say your keyboard has one), to move the scroll wheel. It does CC relative to mouse scroll wheel actions. You would have to tell MT Pro where to move the mouse (x-y position on the screen) prior to performing the scroll operation and this location would need to be always in the same place on Gig Performer.

The project file could be modified if you have either absolute controllers or a different type of relative controller. You could test it using the trial copy of Bome MIDI Translator Pro and if you have trouble, I could help you on the Bome Forum. There might even be some purchase discounts for Bome Software available for Gig Performer users so you would need to check with them.

Without a copy of the Bome Software, the attachment would be useless so unless you want to give it a try, don’t bother downloading it.

Anyway, maybe in the future, Gig Perform can add additional functions for mouse manipulation so the extra software would not be needed. I use Bome MIDI Translator Pro for many Windows and Mac based applications that don’t have MIDI and rely only on keystroke and mouse movement.

Full disclosure - I do support work for Bome Software and have been a Bome customer for many years, I found Gig Performer recently and am excited about the possibilities and have reently done some integration with Bome Products as an independent consultant.

Moderators, please feel free to give me guidance if it looks too much like an advertisement. My intent is just to make people aware and offer a solution that doesn’t appear to currently be native within Gig Performer.

I can’t post the project file here since it is not a supported format for this community web site, but you can reach out to me on the Bome User Forum if you want it.

Here is a link to the project file in the Bome Forum.


What format is that project file?

@dhj probably .bmtp

Yes, it is a .bmtp file.

Looks to be a plain text file with a .bmtp extension

Yes, however if you edit it with a text editor, if you are not careful, it will break Bome MIDI Translator from using it.

Has anyone come up with a native solution for this? I have the same problem as the OP; I have a lot of panels.

You a GP System Actions plugin, assign a Knob Widget to your controller and map it to the Scroll Front Panel parameter of the System Actions plugin.

Hi, I was more-so hoping for being able to scroll Songs in setlist mode, and Rackspaces in
Panel mode, via widget, (when you get enough Songs/Rackspaces to create a mouse scroll bar).

Perhaps the Devs could could look into actively integrating this separate from the OS (in my case Win10/11), if that
would be do-able.
Thanks !

I use a touch screen laptop folded open (like a tablet) and use the “Rackspace and Song Selector” extension to scroll/select in either panel or setlist view.


Thanks Ztones for the recommendation of GP Selector. I’m all for the idea of color coding Songs/Rackspaces-
along with a lot of, other aspects of GP.

Just done this to get up and down my song list quickly from a Jog Wheel. You could detect the mode and send a different set of System Actions.

On the same lines, my necessity is the following.

I have a Rackspace for 1 mix with quite a few synths that I need over different songs within this mix. I would like to change to another panel when selecting the next variation … Is this possible?

ScrollFrontPanel seems to just scroll the same panel but not scroll THROUGH the different panels

Thanks in advance

Aren’t you confusing Panels with Rackspaces? :thinking:


What I’m doing is, for each set of sounds within a rack I’m building a specific panel… The idea is that, as I move to the next variation, I’d love it if it would change to a specific panel with the controls in view that control a specific set of sounds that are active in that variation… It would be like changing rackspaces but without having to load the same sounds again.
Do you get my gist?

Could you elaborate a bit please? What did you do to come to this conclusion?


I have a 4 height main panel with a mixer for all channels, tempo change and reverb on / off buttons
I have a 2nd and 3rd panel which have controls for specific groups of sounds within that rackspace and I placed a knob assigned to ScrollFrontPanel action in the main panel…

As I rotate the knob, the screen just scrolls to the end of the MAIN panel and not all the way down the panels… So panels 2 and 3 are still out of view.

Doen this make any sense?

If you put the knob in the Global Rackspace, it will scroll through all of the panels.

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