Panda Audio MidiBeam rocks!

I own and have used both the Alesis Vortex Wireless and the Alesis Vortex II wireless keytars on stage for almost four years. While I’ve loved the mobility and the wow factor of not only being mobile on stage, but moving into the audience and dancing along with them while playing, there have been latency, note-hanging and other issues along the way. I initially bought the Vortex II as both a backup, and also hoping the wireless implementation was improved. While the latency issue did improve, it introduced some note hanging behavior that got worse with age…

After significant research, trial and error, I determined that the real issue was with the Alesis wireless implementation in the case of both instruments. After further research, I decided to order a Panda Audio Midibeam from Hungary. So far, the results have been absolutely amazing! With the default power settings (which are not as high as you can crank them), I am able to get up to 200 hundred feet away from the receiver in my rack without any significant latency even on percussive sounds. I play banjo on the keytar for the song ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ by Big and Rich. At my show last Saturday, I was a long way from the stage playing the banjo parts with precision and it still sounded great!

After some research, I discovered that Panda Audio has been an R&D company for a number of other great devices such as the Fishman Triple Play. Now I’m thinking I may need to add add the triple play to my guitar rig. I’m trying to convince my bass player to get a Panda Audio Future Impact bass synthesizer/midi pedal as well. We’ll see how long it performs well, but for the first two shows out, the improved wireless performance is amazing! I’m already thinking about ways to incorporate the keytar more into our shows now that I have a solid wireless performance platform.


Interesting, thanks for you feedback. I also like keytars. I like the large ones like the Roland AX Edge, but it remains quite expensive for a very basic controller.


As stated prior, I do have two different vortex models, however I will be looking for an alternative such as an AX-7 as a go-forward strategy as time/money permits. The prime reason I picked the Alesis was the wireless, but now that I’ve replaced that with a solution that could be used with any keytar with a true 5-pin DIN midi out, I will likely replace the Vortexes long term as well. I’ll keep one as a backup.

I prefer using a straight controller without its own sound engine so there isn’t a need for wireless audio as well. The Midibeam receiver can work either with a PC/Mac (via Midi over USB) or connect to any Midi device with a standard 5-pin MIDI in port.


I use the Fishman Tripleplay and there can be bad interference problems. Notably if my phone has bluetooth or wifi on- there are bad issues. The phone is in my pocket just inches away from triple play. I also try to minimize channels used in the 2.4ghz band by using a 5ghz router for the PA and trying to get other wireless systems in other bands, but our vocalist’s wireless is in that band too.

Funny as I read your post, I was think I could get a triple play connect and use it with the Panda unit you describe to increase my reliability.

I’m with you on the minimizing channels used in 2.4 GHZ, but with the MidiBeam, it really appears to not be an issue. We have other 2.4 GHZ devices we use that pick up interference issues at the club we played at last Saturday night, but the MidiBeam was solid as heck.

We also use a 5GHZ router for mixer/lights/ipads/etc…