Panda-Audio MidiBeam: any loss of firmware?

As it was adviced several time in the community forum I bought MidiBeam V1 wireless MIDI transmitter. No question, it has the best specs of the market and especially a very low latency (0,38ms).

But I took the risk to buy a used “damaged” unit from Reverb for 15€ :grimacing:

Panda-Audio adviced to reflash the units with the V2 arguing in “most cases it solves the problem”, which worked perfectly and I now own a fully functional MidiBeam :partying_face:

Now my question is, do you experienced any loss of firmware that necessitated to reflash the units? (It would be too bad to have this issue just before a gig…)

There’s always an even worse scenario - this happen DURING your gig :slight_smile:

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:grimacing: Very bad trip! :grimacing:
This is the best way to look like a dork with your keytar! :flushed:

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Even when no sound comes out - it looks good :wink:

So you wouldn’t take the opportunity to smash it into the speakers? Light it on fire? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for your help guys, I think I will start to learn the moonwalk in case it happens. At least I could leave the stage with style :stuck_out_tongue: