OZZ - the Ozzy Osbourne tribute band

Adam Rawlings from OZZ sent me some gorgeous photos of Gig Performer in Action :slight_smile:

The band was playing at the Tobin Center in San Antonio, an awesome venue!

Before the sound check:


While rockin’ on stage:


They had pandemic/social distancing guidelines in effect.

You can see in a couple of the photos the blue balcony front panels. They have LED lights in them that light up different colors during the shows. Looks really cool.

Check out this great band:

  • Facebook - @Ozzytributehouston
  • Instagram - ozzytributehouston
  • Youtube - ozzytributehouston

Here is a photo of from my show this afternoon, running GigPerformer. Rise Rooftop has a retractable roof, but is too hot for that in August! Unique venue for sure!


My band OZZ took a year and a half off performing, as our guitarist was diagnosed and battled cancer. We stood with him all the way to the end (May '22). He mentioned a few years earlier that if we ever needed another guitarist, he knew “the guy” (he was the guitar tech that worked on his guitars for several years at a local music store). We approached “the guy” and he was honored and accepted the position. So we worked on our set and started gigging again.
Here is our latest video release that we performed at The House Of Blues in New Orleans in September '23.
Perry Mason.
GigPerformer playing a compilation of Kurzweil String samples and audio reverse vocal samples.
Fun song to play!