Overloud TH-U or Overloud VKFX for vintage keyboards?

For vintage keyboard sounds, I started with a quest of a nice Boss CE-1 plugin, and am now looking for a MXR Phase 90 plugin replika and probably soon for a cry baby wah-wah. I planned to test these effects in the Overloud TH-U Full guitar bundle. However, there is also an Overloud VKFX for keyboards.

Are the Overloud “Vintage Keyboard FX” identical to the effects in the TH-U Full bundle ? Any user feedback for me?

So I will answer my question.

TH-U and VKFX are two different Overloud products. Thus the VKFX are not part of TH-U Full. e.g the chorus in VKFX is inspired by the BOSS CE-1 while in TH-U it is a CE-2 and CE-5 simulation.

Among the effects simulation in VKFX the following effects are to be found:

  • Boss CE-1 (chorus)
  • MXR Phase 90 (phaser)
  • Roland Space Echo (delay)
  • Mu-tron III (wah-wah)
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Interesting combination of FX for keyboards - had not heard about VKFX before.

Has anyone used it? Is it a recommendation for keyboards? Any other alternatives for a FX keyboard starter set ? eg Yamaha Steinberg Vintage collection … or … ?

You could take a look at Byome from Plugin Alliance
Or Soundtoys Collection.

It is supposed to be a “standard” vintage effects bundle for vintage keyboards (Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Clavinet…).

Combinations of these effects with some vintage keyboards are well known: e.g. Wurli and Boss CE-1 (Supertramp), Rhodes and MXR Phase 90 (Billy Joel and also Steely Dan I think), Clavinet and Mutron III (Stevie Wonder) and probably many others.

I heard very good things about Overloud TH-U from @dhj and @djogon, but I don’t know if it also valid for VKFX. The good thing is that Overloud has trial versions for both.

thanks for your suggestions…

Soundtoys is a bit expensive … compared to VKFX

Byome looks interessting … a lot of options but may also require some more training to get used to it compared to simple pedal effects (like VKFX).

looks like a bit of investigation and testing with demo version is required …


It was not a suggestion, only an information. I didn’t tested yet.


no problem … i did understanding your post that way and may have used the wrong word…

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I use VKFX. I believe it was orignally developed by Scarbee along with Vintage Keys (which went to NI and VKFX went to Overloud). I also have TH-U, which I like a lot, except for their Mutron effect, I have to sue Amplitube for that. Anyway just because I have been using it for so long and it is just simpler and geared to keys I continue to use VKFX for my keyboard sounds and think it does a great job.

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Why not using the one of VKFX?

Ha, good question. The Mutron in Amplitube looks exactly like the actual pedal and was very easy to dial in “settings” I know to work on a real pedal to get exactly what I wanted. So I just went with that

I don’t know that the wah effect in VKFX is based on a Mutron but it could very well be. But it is a more complex kind of auto wah with a whole lot more and different paramters than from a basic Mutron and I didn’t even think to try it.

But basically I use the VKFX just for my keyboard sounds just out of habit and Amplitube and TH-U for sampled guitar sounds, which I just started doing recently. I have tried my keys through Amplitube and TH-U but just didn’t think to go the other way with guitar through VKFX

From what I know, it is.