Output Portal is amazing

Very fun to use and very creative!

IMHO, this seems pretty cool, but I would struggle to use this in a live setting. To be useful, you’d need some type of vector joystick and a free hand. To me, definitely more a studio tool than something I would use live with GP.

Or use it with an eigenharp, or a Linndrum or a Continuum or use a combination of breath control and aftertouch or use a Keith McMillen Softstep or use an iPad with Lemur or …

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I just got lucky on Ebay for a second Kenton Killamix mini love it!

I also use a SpaceMouse
A LeapMotion comes to mind…

Do you know of a continuous controller for your foot that CAN behave like a vector joystick? You know, something you can pivot on both a x and y axis with your foot? Now THAT would be cool…

Or… maybe have a headband with a lazer you can paint on a surface that records the movement on X axis and Y axis


Actually they had run a kickstarter campaign… ended unfunded, unfortunately.

More ideas?
Geert apple watch app http://uwyn.com/midiwrist/
A Wii remote is fun (Bluetooth to macosx)