Osmose / GP…. Best companion

Last few days with Osmose… still in awe…, so peaceful.

GP best friend from this day on :wink:

P.s. - Happy New Year to all!!


amazing! very intregued my osmose… a rare bird

It finally happened!!! Great!!! I am so jealous, I need one too :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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Long waiting and difficult part is behind us, I think soon they will be available to everyone :wink:

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I have one due to arrive soon too. A few days ago, somewhat annoyingly I missed an email invite to get one from an earlier batch as some people are deferring their purchase, but I should still be getting mine from the next batch as I was scheduled to anyway. Really looking forward to getting mine.


By the way, how is the build quality? Do you think the product will age well? It seems that this is not necessarily the case for the Roli Seaboard…

yeah… I’d love a review / demo with it and GP integration. Jordan Rudless has a video on it… seems impressive… I also get the slight impression it’s delicate but i’m very intregued.

I have been waiting for this to get out in the wild. Hoping that it will be available for orders soon. I had fun with my Seaboard, but it’s too different from a regular keyboard for me. The Osmose seems to be the perfect combo for that type of expression

@keyman any updates?

Do you find you get the most out of the playablity with it’s on board sounds or are you able to really make use out of VSTs?

Any special hoops to jump through to get the expressive controls to work with VSTs?