OSD when changing songs, parts

Is this possible? I am trying Gigperformer. Use the program either minimized or as a background process using RBtray. And change song parts with MIDI. But I get no visual confirmation when changing things, so a on screen display popup telling me what I just did (without maximizing or bringing focus to GP would be great. Maybe with scripts?

So you want to hide GP but still be notified when it does something? GP does send out OSC messages when things happen so you could create a little OSC application with a small window that catches OSC messages and just display them.

This would be brilliant. I have absolutely no coding skills, does an application like that already exists? I am thinking of the on screen displays similar to when you change volume in your computer.

What information do you need to see?

What are you displaying instead of GP?

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Max MSP could be a solution.
I made a little patch to display the current Rackspace:Variation

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Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking

Rackspace and variation. Just a quick message that dissapears in 1-2 seconds with no interaction required. Just information that you switched to the right part.

It could be Ableton Live or Reaper. For sure losing focus or requiring interaction would not be good.
Somehow I think this should be a native optional feature, for all of us that use GP either minimized or trayed.

It’s an interesting idea — have to admit though that you’re the first person in almost 4 years of Gig Performer to suggest this. Personally, I use an iPad running an OSC application to view GP stuff remotely.

Well, if people are making for it with little patches and stuff, I am not the first haha

I did it because you requested - so you have been the first :wink:

No, people are demonstrating how it could be done now that you have asked for it.

Using the OSC functionality in GP is a great thing to explore, whether it’s to use something like an iPad/tablet as a remote control, or to use it with apps on the same machine. For example, the free Open Stage Control, as discussed in this GP blog post renders the controls in a web browser. So you can use whatever you like to view/control GP.

On Mac the fullscreen window options allow you to have 2 apps side-by-side in fullscreen mode. In this example I have the OSC browser window as a strip down the left beside Ableton.

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