OSC Widget Captions - Lemur Only?

Evening all,

Just getting started with OSC and having a play around with TouchOSC and the Lemur template and have seen that in the Lemur template there is a ‘Songnotes’ object that, from the user guide, seems to pull the widget caption from the ‘Songnotes’ widget.

Is this only possible in Lemur? I’ve tried to get it to work with TouchOSC (I’m just using the Lemur desktop editor to have a look around the template) but to no avail…

A quick look at the Lemur template shows it might be as there is some Lemur scripting behind songname? But still, GP must be sending the data over OSC for Lemur to be able to display it so that would mean it would be available in TouchOSC as well?

Any help appreciated!

I think Lemur is worth the price. But, it is a bit tricky to learn.

Apparently TouchOSC doesn’t have support to change labels on the fly. We have reached out to them a few times but they just didn’t seem that interested.

Oh how annoying!

Absolutely, it was more because I wanted to run it on my phone (android) as that is a perfect small ‘head up display’ size but although the lemur website proudly proclaims it is available in android, the Play store seems to say otherwise…