OSC to control behringer xr18?

I was thinking about trying OSC from gigperformer, for my first time to adjust levels on the behringer xr18 or Midas mr18. Such as boosting lead vocalist(5 vocalists) or another performers solo at the song part level.

Anyone done this?

It should be possible - I’ve only got experience with a Midas M32(/Beringer X32) but the OSC implementation should be similar.

Some good documentation here: https://behringerwiki.musictribe.com/index.php?title=OSC_Remote_Protocol

Although it definitely takes some playing around with and I think would need some GP Script involved. If you are just sending values it’s relatively straightforward, but if you want to see any feedback from the desk you have to keep polling every 10s (I think) otherwise you lose the Comms.

But have a look through that documentation and give it a go and come back with any questions - lots of people on here have excellent OSC knowledge so we should be able to get something working for you :slight_smile:

Just to clarify - the possible need for GP Script is only due to the implementation on the desk end and isn’t due to any lacking in GP - as said, for just sending values you should just be able to do it with widgets and no GP Script required

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Make sure you follow this advice. I think there’s a special command you have to send every 10 sec or so.

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I guess polling every 10 sec would be a global script so I don’t have to write it over and over for dozens of rackspaces. Any example of a script that does something every 10 secs?

Also note that you can control via midi over USB to the XR18 as well. While I have not done exactly what you’re trying to do, I do have a midi output to the XR18 for muting AUX1 out and map that to a widget button present in all my rackspaces. I use a pad on my Novation LaunchControl that sets the mute on AUX1 as a ‘kill switch’ for my microphone to the front of house. This is useful for if I don’t want my wireless headset active (for whatever reason). The main purpose is so that when I route the mic to my Vocoder, I can turn off my actual vocal and simply speak to modulate the vocoder. Of course, if you don’t have USB going from your gigperformer computer to the XR18, that won’t work. I use the XR18 as both my submix and my audio interface for all physical and virtual instruments in my rig. I send all 6 AUX to front of house.


Did anyone have a copy of that…not wanting to do anything major but with IEMs would be nice to have a couple of hard faders dedicated to my monitor send channel as it can vary significantly…at the moment its quite fiddly and if Im doing percussion its tough.
Any pointers or scripts would be greatly appreciated;
Im running GP on a mini pc box on keys and wifi connect to router/XR18 often

Just remembered this guide which is maybe more helpful than the official stuff:

something I wrote recently for getting/setting parameters, tested on mr18, should support other mixers in the xr series.

onyx-and-iris/xair-api-python: Remote control Behringer X-Air XR18 | Midas MR18 Mixers through OSC (github.com)

I haven’t implemented subscription to level meters, will do when I get time.

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