OSC Showcase: GP3 + TouchOSC + NeuralDSP

Inspired by this blog post, I’ve managed to combine GP3 with TouchOSC and NeuralDSP-plugins. I ended up spending far too long on this (and this is only for one of the plugins I own), so I wanted to showcase this to you.

I have 3 more plugins to go, then I’m going to make one for rackspace switching (which I hope is doable).


Looks very cool… thanks for sharing.
Please update us when you have more stuff done or you have some cool new videos where you show GP and your OSC controller…

Will do!

Btw, how would you go about using Touch OSC to change rackspace? Is that even possible?
This isn’t necessarily something I’ll be using once my midi foot pedal arrives, but I would like to attempt it nonetheless.

My first idea is to create a separate rackspace with button widgets assigned to each of the other rackspaces. But are these widgets available through OSC once I leave the master rackspace?

Yes, of course - you can change rackspaces or variations using OSC.

The full list of all OSC commands can be found here:

The one you’r looking for depends on how you want to do things.
If all you want to do is switch to rackspace #4 for example … you can use

/GigPerformer/SwitchToRack 4


Thank you!

However, this doesn’t seem to work out-of-the-box. I’ve tried both
/GigPerformer/SwitchToRack 6
/GigPerformer/SwitchToProgramNumber 6
but nothing happens in GP3.

I’ve created a push buttong for each rackspace in Touch OSC:


Should the value not come from the OSC code but be assigned as an index to each button somehow?
I tried forcing a specific value using the min/max parameters:


But this too didn’t work. I have absolutely no prior experience with OSC, so forgive me for asking stupid questions.

In that image showing the OSC message, there is no / at the beginning.

There is, the input field just isn’t wide enough to show the whole string.

Try the following - you have to use the “Value Range” in TouchOSC to get the number you want.

Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 10.08.10 AM


Will you look at that… Using Value Range to set the index works with SwitchToRack, but not SwitchToProgramNumber.

Thank you, it works wonders now.