OSC not responding properly on my GP

Hello guys for a strange reason Osc seems to be working properly on my system with GP and Ableton, not very sure what I am doing wrong as I have triple checked everything.
I am able to send some commands to Ableton but not receiving anything back and the commands are not sending swiftly.

can I get some help here please?

sorry fo the typo not working properly.

It doesn’t help to just show the GP options — we also need to see the Ableton Live OSC configuration

What does that mean? How do you know? Which commands? How are you sending them?

yes, scene commands

Can you upload a small gig and a small Ableton Live Set?

demo Copy Project.zip (27.9 KB)

OK, I See, but what should that screenshots show?

its not following the scene order, its all random at the moment. not very sure what I am doing wrong here.

Please upload the gig file

demo gig.gig.zip (64.1 KB)

You have to put in exactly 1 keyword and not 2 !

And for the play button you must enter the correct port

Ok I’ve corrected that

And is it working?

that is working its not random anymore Thank you very much, I am not getting the script in GP working with my labels

the play button works I got that right, after I sent the session.

You have to enable OSC

did that but it keeps switching itself off

And for the play button you have to disable “Momentary Touch”