OSC - newbie needs help



I use Windows 10 and would wish I could make a few important widget parameters visible on my Android device. As I understood it, is this possible with OSC?

But how exactly does that work? I can’t find any understandable instructions anywhere.

How do I build a network between PC and Android? Do I need additional hardware? (e.g. Router). Do I need additional software on the PC? On the Android mobile phone?

I would be happy if someone would have the patience to explain this to me, or if someone has a tip where I can read about it.

Thank you!


You do have to have some kind of network to which both your devices can connect. You can use an adhoc network if your environment supports it (perhaps this for Windows) or you can use a router, which is the way I do it.
As for making idgets appear automatically, that requires a control surface that supports scripting. I use an app called Lemur for this. Lemur is available for both iPad and Android and there is a sample (unsupported) Lemur Script for Gig Performer available on our site which can serve as an example.