OSC Monitor


I am diving deep into OSC and Lemur and would love to know what people are using to monitor OSC messages on the network! I am running Windows 10, and I have Live 10 Suite so Max4Live devices work for me. Ideally I would see all messages being passed between GP and Lemur.


Is there a way to build an OSC monitor using GP Script? I see functions for sending OSC messages but how about receiving?


Per the language manual available for download from our website, there exists the following callback

On OSCMessageReceived(message : OSCMessage) Matching StringConstant

that can be used to respond to specific OSC addresses. No wild cards.


I don’t know about Max4Live but using Max, it would be trivial to create a patcher that can receive OSC messages on different ports using the [udpreceive] object and then send them out again and of course sending whatever messages are received to the Max console. Then you would just proxy GP and Lemur through that patcher.


I am having some problems here with OSC… I made a simple OSC monitor in MAX on my Mac that recognizes the iPad template I built with TouchOSC…
I also tried sending data from Max to my iPad, which IS received and changes the fader…
I did however need to add the pagename of the template in front of the OSC name, like page/eq1
Max receives the messages from my iPad with the names that I gave the objects.
GP does not respond however…
Strange thing is that I copied dhj’s RackspaceName text from the example template and copied that in and my TouchOSC template does receive that name…
Any suggestions??


Robert-m-hussey, have you succeeded in monitoring your OSC yet?
I should be able to create a Windows 10 standalone application from Max to monitor…
What is it that you would want to see in the monitor?


Hey creart, I have been able to view traffic that comes in from my iPad Lemur, but when I do it breaks the connection with GP. Ideally I would be able to passively monitor the back and forth communication. Next step is to try to implement David’s suggestion to forward the messages – would I have to forward those to a different port number?

I can use Max4Live as long as Ableton is open but a standalone app would be a very useful tool. I tried using the tool that Kasper Kamperman created but it wouldn’t run on my Windows 10 system. Hmmm. I just found another tool by Frieder Weiss that may work. Hopefully those tools don’t interfere with communication. If you are able to get that working in Max I would love to know about it!

I have mostly reverse engineered the Lemur template but still have to figure out some of the handshakes that happen.


Thank you! Of course – sorry I missed it as I searched the other document…


For anyone familiar with Max, here’s my simple Max8 patcher that behaves as a proxy between two networked devices and prints the messages while retransmitting to device B whatever is received on device A and vice versa.

(Sorry - but if you’re not familiar with Max, don’t ask :slight_smile: )



Thank you! Works like a champ!! And now I can see exactly how GP communicates (e.g., during Song changes). Much appreciated!


I bought Lemur yesterday - that works like a charm!! TouchOSC did not :frowning:


TouchOSC does not have script capabilities and is far less capable than Lemur. The TouchOSC people don’t seem that interested — we reached out to them a few times


I used TouchOSC on other projects before that worked, but must indeed say that Lemur has much more possibilities! Glad to have been pointed in that direction!! Looks cool!!
My template with settings for mixer, equalizer, delay, reverb and master settings for GP already works… now we can test next week sunday to do our own sound on a test using the iPad :smiley:


Yep - our FoH engineer uses an iPad to control those settings on a laptop running Gig Performer connected to the PA system so he can adjust stuff from the back of the room — Tap Tempo is also very useful there if the vocalist needs delays and you don’t know exactly at what speed the song will actually be played.


I’ve made racks per song and have all of the tempo’s settings in those song…
I’ve routed all of the audio next to 3 helix plugins for my guitar to an audiomixer with a 10 band eq plugin after that before going to the master, so we can do FoH mixing/dialing in that way
Th 3 helix plugins have different patches that I switch through variations


What kind of a band do you play in?


we have the PC version of GP running on the master PC that has the audio interface and adat connected…
the keyboardist has an apple laptop running the mac version of GP… thinking of syncing everything and also sending midi sync to the drummer who uses a Roland TD30…
Maybe even link to the bassists’ VB99… that way I could switch songs (racks) and switch everything to the proper sound…
Isn’t a computer great for these kind of things :smiley:
And I LOVE GigPerformer - SO much nicer to use than Mainstage!! Keyboardist is also VERY enthusiastic!!
THANXXXX for GREAT software!!

The band plays symhonic progressive rock…
If you want to give it a listen, go to https://whitecave.nl/


And we only play our own songs by the way…
You can actually also find us on Spotify or iTunes