OSC Messages sent from GP have space before final address part

The application I’m using needs the messages to come in the normal way. For some reason, GP is putting a space before the final address part, rather than a slash.

OSC_SendStringSpecific("/GigPerformer/Main/Voice/SongPartName/", GetSongPartName(0), OpenStageControlAddress, OpenStageControlPort)

It shows up like this on the receiving end…

/GigPerformer/Main/Voice/SongPartName Intro
/GigPerformer/Main/Voice/SongPartName "Chorus End"

With slashes is the address following the arguments.
What application are you using?

And most important, welcome to the family

Ah, ok. I’m pretty new to OSC. It’s actually something I’m writing, a little display. QLab messages work perfectly because they’re just sent as one thing by default vs. address, arguments.

And thank you!

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That final part is not part of the address

That led me down the right trail, thanks!