OSC Message to check which view I'm in

I’m taking the wonderful work done by NanoMalefico and Rank13 and their templates for the scrolling song list and control interface and reworking it for my needs so I can run with an iPad running TouchOSC and leave the laptop back/side stage. I am repurposing the “Random Song” button on that template to ensure that I am in Setlist View, since that’s the mode the template relies on for the “Next Song” and “Previous Song” buttons to work.

I’ve successfully setup the button in TouchOSC to to send the /Actions/SetlistView message and I can see the laptop switch to that view. What I’d like to do is be able to poll GP to find out what view it is currently in. If it’s in Setlist View then I can color the button green and otherwise color it red so I have a visual queue to let me know it’s in the appropriate view without looking at the laptop screen.

I don’t see an OSC message for this. Is there some way in OSC to poll GP for which view it’s in?



If you send /Refresh to GP, you’ll get back multiple messages one of which will be either

and you can look for




(Note that if you’re in setlist mode, you will get both, but /SongPartsStart will come afterwards)

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