OSC commands to drive two Gig Performer instances

Hello at all,
with the help of the community I managed to use Gig Performer with Lemur.

Now I can manage several parameters from my tablet: the selection of the song, the scenes, the volumes, the start of the song (GP audio player), etc. without ever touching the laptop keyboard.

I still thank the community that supported me.

I have one last problem left.

For each song I use the audio player to send the click to the drummer and to perform small sequences.
Unfortunately at the change of rackspace the audio player stops.

So I tried (following the advice found in the blog) to use a “new instance”.


a) In the main instance I have all the settings for the use of the vst instruments.
b) In the second instance only the sequences.

The problem is that
I can’t drive the second instance from Lemur. I need to change song and run audio player. someone can help me?
I thank you in advance for every suggestion.
have a nice day


… out of studio…
I think you can “address” each GP instance completely independent, also OSC port.