OS Drag Racing - Windows vs Linux vs Mac: Performance Showdown

A bit off the subject of GP, but questions about hardware, threads, cores and whatnot are posted frequently so for the geeks that are interested in this niche you might find the linked video amusing and maybe even surprising. To save you the eyeball-time, Linux was the overall winner (barely, depending on the category), followed by Windows and then Mac (including the latest and greatest offering from Apple). Keep in mind this is just drag racing (performance) and like a dragster it doesn’t mean it’s anything you’d want to drive on a daily basis.

The guy that produced the video - Dave Plummer - is a retired MS systems engineer that firmly believes in using the tool that works best for the job at hand and I enjoy his insights, stories, history and general computing videos, and someone I trust to produce and present a fair assessment of the item at hand! So if you are the type that enjoys an excursion crawling around in the weeds of hardware and software, I hope you enjoy it.

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so when do we get a Linux distro of GP?


I professionally works exclusively with Linux, but unfortunately this doesn’t make sense for music, as most plugins are mainly (not to say exclusively) available for Mac and Win. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: