Orange Vocoder IV from Zynaptiq

Orange Vocoder IV now released by Zynaptiq.

Has anyone bought it and tried it? I had the original Orange Vocoder and absolutely loved it, but have had a very different reaction to the demos and have been disappointed with what I have heard so far.

You can download a demo and try,

I just downloaded it, seems to be CPU heavy.
It has 2 different Vocoder Moduls with zero latency.

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might be enough to just read page 27 at kvr ´s thread

i have it, but i do not work with vocals.
I use such tools for realtime-play soundesign kind of things.
Synth vs. a FXed derivate of same sound.
Can confirm that the soundquality is very good.

The VST3 has a bug ( at least on mac): latency is in all modes 2048 samples / 42mS.
AU: 1024 samples, the two zero latency modes 0 samples. ( as intended)
its CPU heavy.

nice feature: you can hover with the mouse over the modes, then you quasi enter a prelisten state ( hearing the mode the mouse hovers upon)

I-Lok activation, only one license slot !

i do not expect it to fall below 149$ for the next two years at sales.
$99, at some point in time…but not to soon

Aah, single license activation will probably make this a no for me. Thank you for the info!

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I cannot confirm

Thats VERY interesting !

i just checked, but within another Gig / other Rackspace than my OrangeV patch.
Here it shows me now also the correct value.

added screenshot, next post →

my first patch with the OrangeVocoder, VST3

screenshot taken now, from that GP patch

What Vocoder Module used?
Settings in Orange Vocoder?

on this particluar instance of Orange Vocoder was this “2048” samples latency readout true for any mode ! i tested that…days bevore i posted here my above post.

what settings in vocoder ? there are not many.
I do experimental stuff, sounddesign. When i tested out this plugin, was i surely going thru any settings possible (aslong things make sense vs. my music making). …Thats what i quasi allways do. ( coming from a modularsynth backround / my modular is big - hundreds of knobs. I´m used to, to work quick on such tasks,…and don´t shy back to just use any possible parameter vs. testings ( i usually test vs. musical outcome, not vs. functionality shortcomings, to be clear on this :wink: )
Right now the OrangeVocoder is nolonger “in my mind”. Not worked with it for some days. So, i can´t answer the “which settings? one” more specific.

what i can say is this:
i added after seeing your post a second orange vocoder to that older patch/rackspace, i wired that 2nd instance to exactly the same place (inbetween same two lugin blocks), both Vocoders are VST3, the old Vocoder instance shows those 2048 samples buffer*, the other shows the correct values, 1024 samples at the non- zero latency modes.

*not tested again vs. any mode. I can have a look again the next two days. I kept the patch and did not replace the old vocoder instance.

ahh ok, one thing: i never used the internal synth !
its allways main signal + sidechain signal