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I am currently trying to optimize the latency of my overall setup a little bit. Already switched from a Focusrite to a MOTU audio interface, which already was quite some improvent (from 14ms down to 10.5ms). What are your measurements (using GigPerformer) for the roundtrip time and what are your exact settings? I am quite unsure whether my values are good or whether there is a “serious” problem with my setup.

For comparison my values:

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Whether it is good or not, depends partly on yourself. I (guitar player), for myself, am not comfortable with a latency > 20 ms (I can hear the delay between my plectrum flapping and the signal via the in ear monitor). 15 ms I can definitely hear, but is doable. Less than 10 ms is fine.

Some vocalists don’t want to have any latency, because of the combing effects of his/her voice directly combined with that via the monitor. But keep in mind that a distance of wedge monitor on the floor to your ear (2 meters or so) already adds more than 6 ms latency.

I would be happy with this latency.

I agree with Frank. I can also notice 15 ms.
~10 ms (or less) is OK.

Same here - 10ms is where I start getting jumpy.

Wouldn’t this also depend on the computer’s audio buffer settings for rate and number of samples? Did that change with the interface?

These settings are properties of the interface and it’s driver. Not really of the computer. Of course the os and the used computer interface (usb, firewire, pci) also might add latency and the speed of the cpu will also make a (little) difference, but the quality of the driver makes a lot of difference.

For instance, I’m using a focusrite with 64 samples @ 48khz. Theoretically that’s a round trip of 2,33 ms. In practice however, I end up with 7 ms due to the added latency of the usb interface, dpc handling, etc. But I also use a Behringer umc1820. Same settings. The roundtrip of this one is closer to 6 ms. Same computer. Same usb interface…
Supposedly RME has even lower latencies, but I’m not having the opportunity to put that to the test.

So in my opinion: on the same computer the audio interface and its drivers are an important factor, if not the most important, when it comes to latency.

RME Babyface Pro.
Measured round trip latency:
5.5 ms for 96 samples @ 44.1 kHz.

That is what I’m using for production.

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… is quite acceptable, but there are interfaces with lower latencies at 128 samples.
You have to ckeck if it is good for you. If yes, then don’t care about this number.
Are you using ASIO drivers?

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Yes, I am using the ASIO drivers. The RME Babyface has lower latency, I know. But for my Focusrite it was even 14ms at 128 samples. Wonder which other interfaces have lower latency.

I use an RME, but as far as I know MOTU M2/M4 have a quite low latency.

That’s why I switched to the MOTU :wink: