Optimising rackspaces

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I have been using GP for a few months now. One of the mistakes I made at the start was creating a rackspace for each song. Many songs only needed piano, for example, so I had multiple instances of the same piano plugin configured differently to suit the song.

After some time, I realised the error of my ways and optimised this by condensing all piano to one rackspace then using the panel parameters and saving snapshots in setlist songs so it would then customise the piano sound to suit the song. This is working very well.

I realise, however, that there are some setups that I still can’t optimise in this way and I was wondering if it’s just the way it is or if I’m missing something. Here’s the scenario:

Let’s say I have an organ rackspace and a piano rackspace set up in the way I have mentioned above. What if I now have a song that has organ on the bottom half of the keyboard for the left hand and piano on the top end for the right hand. Ideally I want to assign those two rackspaces into the same song/song part and allocate them to the right notes on the keyboard much like how you’d do it on a midi input block.

An example of where I need this is the song Build me up Buttercup. Currently I’m having to create another rackspace for organ/piano (I just call it build me up buttercup) where I have to load both plugins again and split the keyboard in the midi blocks.

Is there another more optimised way of doing this that I haven’t figured out?


Have a look at this rackspace… i guess this could be exactly what you are looking for:

Hope this helps… :beers:

I re-read your posting, and i think i understand what you want to achieve…
you’d like to play two diffrent rackspaces at the same time, right?
Unfortunately this is not possible… you’d have to build a rackspace where both or (multiple) plugins are contained. But you could design it in a flexible way (like i did), so you can probably re-use it in diffrent combinations.

Thank you schamass,

this is REALLY interesting… You’re right with your edit - that’s actually what I want to achieve BUT, using your idea I may be able to come up with one rackspace (or maybe a couple) that handles all the instruments that I do split and then a panel with snapshots like yours to manipulate the settings to get the same effect, thus only needing to load one instance of each plugin for all the split stuff. I’ve got some songs where I have 4 different zones on the keyboard so this could get really messy hence the suggestion of a couple of rackspaces but, overall, this will still be more optimised than what I have now.

Thank you

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I have my piano VST in my global rack space as I use it predominantly in my rack spaces. Then I control the zone that I play it in through widgets in my regular rack spaces. So this gives me the ability to play it in my left hand for some songs…. Or right hand in others. So I split my keyboard as needed through widgets that are configured to my midi in block for my piano in my global racskspace. I hope that makes sense.

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