I just purchased Sonic Project’s OB-X Pro II VST and it won’t load as a plugin. I get the “Deactivated after Failing to Initialize” message. Surprisingly the demo version loads and runs but not the production version. I tried in another DAW - and only the 32-bit plugin would load.

Anyone else had/have problems with this plugin? I am simultaneously contacting the vendor and will post any insight I get.

Maybe you have to authorize?

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I’ll revisit the authorization step. Very klugey way they have to authorize.

I works for me with Windows.

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Yes — re-authorizing works. Sorry for false alarm.

Did anyone manage to run this without any issues?
At least the VST3 Version on Windows causes some crashes and it often doesn’t load the right Preset when changing rackspace.
I would love to use it, but the reliability is very poor unfortunately.

Did you get a crash report from GP? This could be interesting for Sonic Project’s. You could also try the VST2 version to see if it is different. Did you report your issue to Sonic Project’s?

I had issues with VST2 and VST3. I will report the crash dumps to sonic projects.
I’m just curious if anyone is using it successfully.

At a time @jazzundso also experienced similar issues I think. I never had issues with this plugin, but I have to admit, I use it very carefully because I was scared by @jazzundso and now by you :grimacing:

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Yes I had the same issue… presets were not recalled correctly. To be honest, I don’t know if the problem has been fixed since then. But it doesn’t sound like it now, at least.

I had issues with this plugin, so I don’t use it in GP4 for live gigs. That’s annoying, because OB-X Pro II has a lot of very good sounds.

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No problems with OPX Pro II using it with Gig Performer. I am using a MacMini M1 Big Sur OS. Had no issues using it with GP3 either

I have the latest release of OP-X PRO II (just purchased it). It worked fine for a bit – but after I added more than 3 rackspaces with the plugin – GP crashed. Would you like folks like the crash report or do I send to Sonic Project?

You can post it here, then the interesting part can be sent to Sonic Project’s

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Here it is. Would you let us know what you find? Thanks

146d02de-de14-44c7-b36a-f9c5faf3cda1-crash-dump.zip (20.3 KB)

Here is another one…71ea54ca-6f94-415b-84e2-c04ebe51606f.zip (22.2 KB)

@mikelupo and @Beatlab could you please send a bug report to Sonic Projetc’s to explain how the crash happened (or better describe the steps to reproduce it) and paste the content of the crashrpt.xml in your mail. It clearly shows that the “OP-X PRO-II.vst3” crashes.

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And of course, please, give us a feedback for other users… like me :wink:

I haven’t heard back – but this is my observation – and it’s in their troubleshooting FAQ. OP-X doesn’t like 48000K – as it crashes in other DAWs with that. They recommend 44100K sampling rate. I have switched to that and it appears to resolve for me and I can add alot of rackspaces of OP-X in a gig file.

I need to do more testing… and YMMV — but at least that’s what I’m seeing.