One shot pan vst

I’m using a train sound effect in a song and I need a plugin to move it slowly from left to right and then stop. Any suggestions on something suitable please?

Do you need to control this effect live? If not, I would just prepare it in a DAW :slight_smile:

If you want to do it in GP, you can always use the integrated panning combined with some sort of LFO source: for that you can use either plugins like MidiShaper or GP Script which (of course :upside_down_face:) offers LFOs.

If you want a single plugin to do it all, I recommend you check out Movement.

Like @simon said, GP script could help.
You can take a look here, just connect the MASTER widget to the pan of for example the GAIN Plugin connected after the plugin which produces your train sound:

Automatic Fade Out

I would agree with @simon that if it’s an audio file that’s being played in the file player, then just bake the panning into the file via a DAW.

I think you’re right. All I have to do is work the pan envelope to the length of the sample. Easier than I first thought. Thanks for all the input.

:musical_score: If you miss the train I’m on :musical_note:
You will know that I am gone
:notes: You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles! :musical_note:

Yes, I could use it for that song. Or Folsom Prison Blues, or Life’s Railroad To Heaven, or Morningtown Ride. Hmmm, choices.

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Then it is worth the effort :wink:

I guess I would also prepare it in a DAW. But it depends…if you want to be more flexible, GP script or MidiShaper might be the better solution (start time and length could be set via widgets).

I’m interested in Midi Shaper because I like the idea of being able to change things if necessary without using the daw. Ive heard the manual is not good. Ive also had a look at the demo - total confusion. Can anyone provide a simple gig file with panning set up so I can have a look?

I don’t think it’s worth buying midishaper for this purpose, as there’s still no direct way to then use the output of that to do the panning. Have you used any GP scripts in the past?

Lightbulb moment!

I’m not at the computer to test this but I think it should work.

  • The audio player has a parameter for the timeline.
  • Use widget Groups to link a widget for the audio player timeline with a widget for a mixer pan control.
  • When the audio player is at the start this should make the pan control fully left.
  • As the audio player starts it will then adjust the pan control and when the player finishes the pan control should be fully to the right. Right?

Clever idea :bulb: :wink:

This is brilliant! :nerd_face: :+1:

I tried it, works perfect! Good to know :grinning:

AudioPlayerAutoPan.gig (5.2 KB)


Hey that is fantastic. Nothing to buy. Great work and many thanks to Rank13.

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