One Plugin to Rule Them All (or at least most)?

As I’ve made the journey from using hardware-based sounds mixed with plugins to strictly all virtual, one thing I’ve come up against is learning curve from the many plugins I’ve purchased to satisfy a number of items I used to cover with my hardware synths.

I used a Roland Fantom X7 from 2007 through last year for most of my brass, strings and a ton of different synth sounds. I know the ins-and-outs of that keyboard like the back of my hand. As a result, quickly programming sounds on it has been a snap for me. I was hoping that the Korg Triton Extreme plugin would satisfy this role in my new workflow, however even though programming the TritonExtreme VST is fairly intuitive to me, I find the general waveforms available just don’t stack up to the Roland waves I’ve become accustomed to since 2007.

That leads me to the following choice, and we’ll see how it works out. I purchased a Roland Zenology Pro license last night. Except for a few exceptions, I’m going to attempt the following:

Use Zenology Pro for all sounds except for pianos, Hammond emulation and specific sample type applications for all programming moving forward. I’m hoping that quickly getting sounds programmed in Zenology Pro is as intuitive as it looks. Stay tuned…


I would love to use Zenology Pro too, but not with their current politics for lifetime keys that have to call home at least every month. :confused:


I closed my account on Roland Cloud. Zenology pro is very nice. But being sure I connected to their cloud every month made me extremely nervous. I discovered I wasn’t using their sounds because of that. So, why paying?
Their application to load libraries is a nightmare, you never understand if your account can use something or not. Too much efforts, time lost and I was paying for that. No, thanks


While I would prefer no required call back, or even a longer period, it was after Roland relaxed it to as long as once a month that I was comfortable with pulling the trigger. I don’t think my host is offline for more than five days out of any given month. I do want to figure how however how I would know WHEN it has checked last.


There is a time when it will tell you if it is unhappy… hopefully not during a gig. :grimacing:

If you are happy you can live with the licensing regime, then Zenology Pro is an excellent “cover all” type plugin. I wish I had more trust to use it in my own situation… my live PC wouldn’t be the issue so much as the backup PC that would be put online much less often than the main one.