On leaving the hardware world and going full software

I’m still getting my head around of morphing from some hardware
to a laptop and a soundcard. and a FRFR amplified speaker.

Anywhere in there where a “per string” assignment can be done?

I’m thinking bass tones on 6th and 5th string-

Add , yes from my prev post,
Jam Origin for midi tones.

Will the world be my oyster?

Are you guys all “above happy” with all this M.O?



With a hex pickup, it is possible to route separate strings to different audio plugins.

For MIDI, in the case of routing the 6th and 5th string separately, you will have to use MIDI hardware.

Otherwise you can use a standard guitar without hardware with the Midi Guitar plugin.
It works by frequency detection, not string detection. So you can route a selected range of bass (or any other) keys separately to different MIDI channels (If you are familiar with the Boss OC-3 octaver, it works exactly the same way for selecting octave notes).


Thank you