On a screen with small resolution 1024 * 600

hi !
i’m making a box for gigs, that includes a small PC, a soundcard, midi controllers and a small 7inches tactile screen.
The resolution is only 1024*600, which is enough for me to have a look a the widgets on the rackspace, but some plugins open in a window bigger than the screen, and there is no solution to see the bottom of the plugins. would it be possible to add a scroll bar on plugins windows ?
also, in the patch mode, it’d great to be able to zoom or unzoom and move so see big patches. (but I can live without it :wink: )
Thanks !

I believe the plugins themselves control their own scalability (not GP), and you’re going to have a tough time finding support for 1024x600 resolution these days.

I have got a similar setup with a 10" touch screen, but I ended up with a HDMI switch and a larger 21" monitor for the building my rackspaces and configuring everything. It is not what you requested, I know, but this way, I can easily switch from a home setup to a gig setup.

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yes, i have a bigger screen to make patches at home, but sometimes in a rehersal i’d like to change just a little thing in a plugin without having to plug another screen :wink:

OK, I understand.

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I undestand that each plugin has its size, but maybe GP, as the host, could manage something like a scrolling bar ?

I hear what you’re saying. GP does have scrolling capabilities, but only for its own GUI. From my understanding, the plugins are responsible for their own GUI, which is all the graphical elements of that plugin display, including scale and scroll. If a plugin isn’t displaying properly on your screen, it’s because the plugin doesn’t support that resolution and is defaulting to the next supported resolution.

The company I do work for (gaming industry) dropped support for that resolution last year (1024x768 is now the minimum supported resolution), and that’s why I’m wondering if you’ll need a newer screen with better resolution moving forward.

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ok ! thanks for this information !
for the moment i’ll keep this screen, big enough for me to have an eye on the song name and widgets values :wink:
maybe in the future, a second screen with higher resolution as David’san said.
oh, maybe I can try to force a higher resolution by software, even if it’s ugly !