Omnisphere 2

I just installed Omnisphere 2 and have started to create a rack space for it. The 600+ page manual is currently a little daunting and can’t seem to figure out the most basic vital controls I should add. I couldn’t find a file in the forums that has been created for Omnisphere 2. Does anyone know or have one that they’d be willing to share?

I am using Omnisphere 2
And there are no basic controls
Volume for example I would not automate in Omnisphere but use a Gain Plugin connected after Omnisphere.
To use Widgets with Omnisphere you have to enable HOST Automation in Omnisphere for the parameters you want to automate.


I considered omnisphere for its wide library of sounds at a good price but from what I read you can only have 1 operating installation and I like to have a backup computer ready to go. I’d this still the case?

I automated the level control that’s in the top right corner. Are you saying that I shouldn’t use this?

I have been able to install Omnisphere on my Live PC and Studio PC without any problems.

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The Advantage of not using Volume HOST Automation is when you change the plugin, the volume automation via the GAIN plugin still works.

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