Odd loading crash with this simple script

I added this simple script to a rack… and now GP crashes 8 out of 10 loads.
I commented it out… no crashes. I do have a MidiOutBlock named MFT.
Any ideas?

var MFT: MidiOutBlock

// Called when rackspace is activated
On Activate
    var mm: MidiMessage
    mm = MakeMidiMessage3(179, 1, 127)

I had this inserted into 2 racks. Uncommented in only one. All is good so far.

Update: 2 racks in the Gig. If I put this script in the 1st rackspace that activates on load, it crashes frequently.
If I put it on the 2nd rack, and after loaded up, I switch to that rack, all is good and the MIDI data is sent to my Midi Fighter Twister successfully.

Hmm, I just created a gig file with two rackspaces with this script in both of them and I can’t break it. But I’m on a Mac.
When it crashes, are you able to get a report?

This is happening on my Mac. I’ve sent the reports when I restart GP.
Just sent another just now.
I’m trying to send this simple MIDI message to my Midi Fighter Twister upon starting GigPerformer to swtich the MFT to bank #2.

Hmm, I’m not seeing the crash report — can you post it here?

GPCrash.txt (81.3 KB)
Attached Apple crash file…

There is a reference to something called CantTutThis which seems to be a plugin from either SoftTube or SoundToys (it’s a little unclear based on the google search I did)

Do you know what that is?

Not a clue. I don’t have anything by this name or those developers.

You mentioned that the crash happened when you activated a particular rackspace – what plugins are in that rackspace?

Also, is this something new that you just created or did this used to work and is now failing? I see you’re on 10.14.6 which we haven’t even tested with GP — did the problem start after you upgraded to 10.14.6?

HALion Sonic VST3
PianoTeq 6 VST
Hybrid VST

This problem only started once I tried to insert that Activation script.

Can you try removing those plugins one at a time and see if the issue goes away?

OK… so I put the script in both racks. Yes… crashes often.
I completely comment out the script in the rack with HALion Sonic. Loads every time.
I enable the script in both racks, remove HALion Sonic from rack 2. Loads every time.
Sigh… I like HALion Sonic :roll_eyes:

Maybe try the VST version?

Steinberg product, VST3 & AU only

Hmm, I’ve heard of issues with that plugin but I don’t know anything about it myself.
Question: to what is the external MIDI-Out block connected? What’s the actual device?

Midi Fighter Twister

What happens if you use a SendLater instead of SendNow in your script?