Octave Transpose script that will change a Midi Input inside the Global Rackspace

Hello fellow GP community.
Question for you as I am not sure if a script is even possible to invoke a change to a midi input within the global rackspace.

I have one Midi Input for my 88 key Kronos inside the Global Rackspace that I use for left hand comping and sometimes bass.
My default is usually a transpose of 24 but I would like the option change it quickly on the fly to 12 or 0 as needed.
Up to now I have had to change the octave manually within the Midi Input and that is time consuming.

Ideally I would like a solution that allows me to keep a default octave of 24 with and option to quickly flip to 12 or 0 … without messing up the upper split key span difference (which is a Major 6th higher).

Current settings
The keyboard lower split is G#-1 20
The keyboard upper split is variable as it’s controlled by a slider widget to be either D#3 (63) up to C4 (72)
This works excellent except for having to manually change the octave on the fly.

Notes above D#3 (63) C4 (72) are reserved for the regular Rackspaces 90% of the time but I do invoke a transpose script in the regular backspaces for all of my SWAM instruments since the available keys don’t allow me to play to the full range of the instrument so I don’t know if this would negate the effectiveness of a transpose function on the Midi input of my Kronos 88. since it is the same keyboard.

Is there a way to implement something like this with the scenario above?
All ideas welcome.

I simply use a widget in the global rackspace mapped to the System Actions → GlobalTranspose.

This will affect the incoming MIDI blocks that do not have the ignore global transpose set. So use two MIDI in blocks one with ignore transpose set and assign the splits as required.