Octave Technologies Haricane

I dont have any more details, but just spotted this in a TGP post, the software being used may be familiar…:upside_down_face:

Really interesting bit of kit and has good pre-reviews from various folk.

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Yes, we really do like GigPerformer as we find it to be really stable, has low CPU load and its MIDI switching capabilities are really great (audio tailing from one preset to the next is top notch).

We are bombarded with requests to make various bundles with our hardware so who knows, maybe we’ll pleasantly surprise you when the product comes out in a few months.


The Octave Technologies Team


TH-U, Genome, nDSP and NAM on Haricane C1



Nice video! :slight_smile:

Of course, I suppose people here would love to know more about what are you doing in this video and your project. A detailed write-up would be awesome! :slight_smile:

Of course,

This is the Haricane C1, a brand new Windows 11 VST host that we’ve recently launched at NAMM 2024 (even taking the Bass Gear Magazine NAMM Show Award). We believe this is the perfect timing for a device like this, since technology has evolved tremendously from the early days of Muse Receptor and VMachine. Think about it as an ultra portable alternative to your laptop + external audio interface setup. Clip it on a microphone stand ( compatible with all mic stands), plug your guitar and off you go! You can use pretty much any modern VST2/3 plugins and DAWs (up to the limit of the CPU of course) since it is Windows 11 based (it is a bespoke modified/debloated Windows 11 image to take advantage of every single bit of processing power). In the video you see how quickly can change from one preset to the next with the help of GigPerformer, combining TH-U, Genome, nDSP and NAM software.

Hardware (and design details) will change before its launch in late May (NVME M.2 256GB, 16GB RAM, 40% more CPU) but will keep the same $798 offer for the time being and even thinking about adding a bluetooth footswitch. It has 7 hours of battery life, touchscreen and an INTEGRATED low latency 24bit/192KHz German made audio interface with two inputs and L/R mono unbalanced 1/4 jack outs.

Feel free to ask any questions you have.

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