Nurses hospital call switch

I recently bought a nurses hospital call switch hoping it would work as a reverb cut for announcements on my p.a. It works, but the wrong way around i.e. the reverb is off and only comes on when the button is pushed. I cut off the molded plug and soldered a new 1/4” TS jack plug and reverse soldered the wires, but the problem is still there. I may have to throw it away.
Does anyone know of a push button hand held switch that will cut reverb when pushed but allows reverb when released? Cheers.

Do you mean that want to bypass a reverb plugin? What is the switch connected to, as I doubt it is sending Midi?

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No. I did mention that it was straight into my PA. It is an analogue physical connection.

If it’s an analog switch, then reversing the wires isn’t going to help. Probably you’ll need a different type of switch: if it’s at this moment a ‘normally open’ change is with a ‘normally closed’ type of switch (or nc → no).

Maybe you’re lucky, and it’s a switch 3 connections: 1 no, 1 nc.

But isn’t it possible to use GP to do this? Connect all reverb outputs of all rackspaces to the global rackspace, put a gain control in between and use a midi-controller or (assuming you’re playing keyboard), assign the highest note of your keyboard to the mute of this gain control.

OK - this has to be the most unusual configuration question we’ve seen…ever!



Do you have any photos? :slight_smile:

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It sounds like what he wants to do is just reverse whatever the switch is physically doing. It sure sounds like it would be easy to do with GP/scripting? :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:???

The point is being missed. I’m not going through GP. I’m going from a foot switch via jack cord straight into my PA pedal input. But I’m looking for a hand operated switch as my floor space is cluttered. Ideally I want to push a thumb button to cut the reverb for announcements, and have the reverb come back on when the button is released. I know this isn’t a GP issue, but others may be able to suggest a way to do this. The nurse call button works in reverse and re-soldering the wires after swapping them did not work. Anyway, if there is no solution, perhaps I should just delete the post since it seems to be confusing people.

Yes. I will upload one.

You can try Saturnworks. I’ve contacted them directly before and had them make custom things for me in the past. I’m quite sure they could make what you were looking for.

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I agree, but we Kiwis are known to be No 8 Wire specialists, which means we take whatever we can find and make something new and workable from it. The philosophy originated because of our isolation at the bottom of the world. We literally had tons of No 8 fencing wire on hand. In times past, we couldn’t get things being such a small country so far from shipping lanes etc. Now with the global village concept, the supply problem has gone.

You will have to determine if you have a normally closed or normally open switch. Once you know what you have, you need the other one. Sometimes you have both possibilities within the same switch and you only need to keep the center point and move the other one.

What you need is probably described in your PA manual. And it is obviously not what you have.

No it’s not. Everyone was just amused by the concept of a nurse’s callback switch and “gig performer” in the same sentence😀

Using GPScript was a joke…at least I hope it was😀

@david_san and others already made the right suggestion related to a normally open vs normally closed switch


Depends on whether the reverb comes from GP. It’s not impossible to route that switch back to GP using an Arduino or something like that.

But the cheapest way will be to replace the switch in the enclosure.

@bigalminal is thinking out of the box :+1:

It is a sealed unit. I dug out an Old Roland one I had and it works ok. But I would still prefer a hand held unit.

What you could do is use a relay. You control the relay with the nurses call switch. Most relays control switches with ‘no’ and ‘nc’ configs. In Dutch we call that ‘wissel contacten’. I don’t know the exact English word.

The only downside of this is that the relay needs a (very small) power supply. And you need an enclosure and possibly extra connectors, unless you hardwire the thing.

You can stand in front of your sealed switch for a long time waiting for something, or you can figure out what type of switch you need (normally open or normally closed) and try to find one to install on your piece of cable.

Rude schematic:


Easy enough. There are a bunch of sellers on Amazon selling them in the $3 range.