Numbers - rackspaces and devices


Rackspaces have a number that precedes their name but I can’t figure out where it comes from or why it’s there. Sometimes there are two rackspaces with the same number. I thought that it was simply a numbering convention, but there isn’t always a number 1, etc.

Also, I have midi input devices with numbers in front of them as well (i.e. 7- midisport 2x2 out). These seem to mysteriously increment at times, too. I opened a rackspace this evening and started with 6- midisport 2x2 out and things weren’t working even though everything worked fine the last time I opened the rackspace. I had to switch to the one labeled 7- midisport 2x2 out before anything would work.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but as a fairly novice beginner, I’m a bit confused. Thanks in advance for any help.


The numbers are program change numbers. That means when a program change is received (from a MIDI keyboard or from anywhere else) this will switch to the matching Rackspace. You can change the program change number by opening the Variation properties (a program change is not assigned to a Rackspace but to a Rackspace variation). (That’s why you will see a preceding “*” before the Rackspace name if it contains several variations with different PC numbers assigned to them).

You should not see two Rackspaces (variations) with the same number. Otherwise there seems to be something wrong as the PC numbers should be unique for each gig.

In the Edit menu you have a bunch of commands like “Sort rackspaces by program change numbers”, “Sort rackspaces by name”, “Reset program change assignments” or “Clear all program change assignments” which helps to organize the PC assignments.

Does that help? :slight_smile:

PS: What I don’t understand is where you see MIDI devices with a preceding number. In the Rig Manager as well as in the MIDI In Block assign menu I just see the plain MIDI device names (of course in some case they have numbers in there name like “Motif Rack XS 1”, “Motif Rack XS 2” or similar … what has nothing to do with GigPerformer)…

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Can you post a screen shot showing two different rackspaces with the same program number?


jazzundso answered this dilemma for me with the explanation of the program change number assignments. That was precisely it.


That’s exactly it. Thank you…that helps tremendously.


Since the rackspace question has been answered, I’ve included a screen shot of Rig Manager to help with that issues. I’ve highlighted the two instances of the same midi input with two different numbers after the >. The input >-6 midisport quit working for some reason and I had to remove it from the connections. When I reinserted a new midisport midi input block, that’s when >-7 showed up.