NRPM and My AKAI Professional MPK49

Hello everyone I became a GP4 user a couple of days ago, I have a couple of problems and I want to ask for your help :slight_smile:

  1. I have an AKAI Professional MPK49 midi keyboard with 8 encoders. But they don’t work the way I want them to. If I rotate the knob in GP4 and then change the encoder position, the knob in GP4 jumps back. It works like a potentiometer. I can configure the encoders in my AKAI in NRPM mode with two values CC98 and CC99 (for example, I set 100 and 105). The photo shows how the GP4 perceives the signal from the encoder configured in this way.

    I have not found any information about this, so I am writing here. Maybe you need to use scripts or extensions, I am glad for any answers
  2. Is it possible to connect GP4 feedback with my AKAI? For example, so that I can see the name of the current rackspace? Thanks!

Did you try to set the sync option, and set the encoder to send a cc value between 0 and 127 on a fixed CC number

With scripting any message can be sent out to a connected MIDI Device.
Do you know what has to be sent to the AKAI to show some text on the display?

Yes, it doesn’t work :frowning:

I have been using the keyboard for literally 2 days and have not yet found anything related to feedback in principle

Can you show to global MIDI monitor what is coming in?
can you upload a small gig file, So I can check your widget settings?

It’s just one knob, maybe this is a feature of my keyboard, I don’t understand why it doesn’t work.
In Global Monitor this is happening (when decreasing and increasing the value of knob):

Did I understand correctly what you are asking?

There was a mistake, NRPM*

Why not set the encoders the send cc values from 0-127 on a fixed cc number per encoder?
Like shown on page 16

Doesn’t V4.5 support relative encoders now?

Yes, but does sync make sense with relative encoders?

Yeah, but these are NRPM messages - different — you really need a gig script at this time to convert them to something usable.

Again, why not use normal cc messages?

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Because the values of the knob will jump sharply if the encoder was in a different position, as I said in the first message, this is what I wanted to get rid of
this is the mode in which I tried to configure GP4

With sync enabled this should be no issue

unfortunately, no, I will try to find a solution, I have an idea to look into Rig manager

Do you know anything about these scripts? Can you share it?

Sorry, I do not get it, what is the issue?
As i have an s88 which has knobs to control widgets, I do not face any issue with jumping widgets.

the keyboard only sends absolute values from 0 to 127, so there is no way to make the program understand correctly, I think

The issue you are facing seem to be related to the fact that you cannot sync the value of your widget with your keyboard controller. In this case one can use the catch option (rather then jump) in the widget properties. If you don’t like the « catch » behavior, scripting is necessary. Or would a NRPN convertion GPScript be more usefull to you ?

It seems to me that the use of NRPM will be perceptual, I think in the future it will be added to GP4. I think I will use catch mode for now. Maybe it will come to writing a script, I will send it in this topic.